Seventh Day in Cyprus: Beach Day!

A bit of a shorter blog entry today, as our seventh day in Cyprus was mainly a beach day. We went to the beach around 10-11am, and didn’t leave until around 2pm. While we were there, we spent our time tanning, playing volleyball keep-it-up style, and swimming in the Mediterranean Sea. Playing volleyball was my favorite activity, since we tried to achieve goals like 25 hits in the air, which was fun. I also swam out to a breakwall with a group of people 150-200 yards out from the shore. 

Afterwards, I got lunch around 2pm with some friends. We wanted something fast, since we needed to leave Paphos at 3pm. But the restaurant we decided to go to was slow, as is the typical Cypriot fashion of having meals be a leisurely, social activity. This practice differs from American restaurants, where they can speed up your order if you’re in a rush. We eventually got our food take-out style, since it was already 3pm. We weren’t allowed to eat it on the bus, and by the time we got back to our hotel in Nicosia, it was 5pm. Our lunch basically became our dinner, however I think we learned our lesson in the end. Overall, it was a really fun day at the beach in Paphos. 

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