Volleyball and Sunburn

Today was a day that had nothing planned, our first day with no visits or company meetings. We woke up and immediately went to the beach to relax. We played music on speakers and did not do much for the whole day except soak up the sun. Today was the day I planned getting tan. We brought a volleyball and played with that for a good bit and our goal was to try to get to 10 hits, all the way up to 25 hits. It took some time but we were able to get to that number. I was able to swim in the ocean to cool off, and we swam out to a rock wall and stood on it looking out over the Mediterranean. It was cool being on that wall and swimming in the clear blue water.  the water was a little cold but it was not that bad as the cool felt good in the hot weather. I got very sunburnt but everyone else did as well. It feels good to feel the warm sun again. We did not do much else except ride home on the bus back to Nicosia.

walkway to beach
group picture

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