Visiting Dachau (5/15)

Today our group had another cultural visit. We went to Dachau, a labor camp created during the Nazi regime. Once we arrived, we were greeted by a tour guide. She gave us a tour for about an hour, giving us information about Dachau’s history leading up to the Second World War and its history after the war.

It was a somber experience, seeing the living conditions in the camp. It was even more saddening when we went into the museum after the tour and saw the statistics on how many people died in this camp. Standing over the grounds on which thousands of people were worked to death and thousands more were murdered weighed heavily on me. I thought the most horrifying part was seeing the footage taken by the American soldiers after they liberated the camp. I had to stop watching it after a couple minutes because of how tragic it was.

Visiting Dachau was the main event that I did today. After I got back, I went on an hour long walk around the city and ate dinner. I had Doener for the third time over this trip, and I think it may be my last time. Although it is very delicious, I think eating the same food over and over again gets boring. Lastly, I finished up my part of my presentation on GROB Werke. I spent a couple hours researching their product lines and compiling it in our presentation.

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