Crypto Day

Today we spent the day at the University of Nicosia to listen to 4 different speakers. The first 2 speakers were from Fleet Management Company, which is a company that manages and provides seafarers for cargo ships. They talked about how sailing is a necessary industry because it can traverse water and carry tons of cargo, u like plains and trains. They also talked about 3 important canals, which are the Kiel, Suez, and Panama canals and how important they are to the shipping industry. After that, we ate at the university cafeteria and I had an amazing pasta dish with ham. After lunch, the CEO of the university that also teaches classes on cryptocurrency talked to us about what he teaches. I new nothing about cryptocurrency and honestly still don’t really know anything about it but the parts I could understand were pretty interesting. He made it sound like it will be a big part of everyday life very soon so I’m sure I’ll learn what it is eventually. The last speaker of the day was a professor at the university who teaches data forecasting. He talked about the global competition he runs every year and how it has evolved over the years as machine learning has been developed and made data forecasting much more accurate.

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