Just Google It

Google has singlehandedly changed the way we use the internet. The name has turned into a verb. “To Google”: to use the Google search engine to obtain information about (someone or something) on the World Wide Web.

It is no secret that Google and Microsoft are both extremely successful multinational technology companies that have impacted the way in which we use technology.

The most significant difference I have noticed between the two companies is their attitude towards growth. Microsoft emphasizes growth as a company, where Google emphasizes growth for its employees, both personally and professionally. Microsoft mentioned they strive for their employees to possess a growth mindset, with a belief that potential is nurtured, not pre-determined. Google, however, focuses on their employees’ individual growth, providing plenty of activities for breaks and mental health improvement. For instance, Arthur, one of the guides, is taking a ceramics class in which Google is partially paying for. Also, the other guide, Kelly, said there are opportunities for employees to develop skills that are outside of their roles, which shows Google’s holistic growth approach for its workers.

I found it interesting that Google hires people from all sorts of backgrounds. Arthur, has a degree in Graphic Design and now works in sales. Kelly studied German and Russian and now works in the Product department at Google. The variation of backgrounds that work for Google ties into the company’s value of diversity. Additionally, the vast majority of employees are not from Ireland.

Google is an excellent example of “learning on the job.” Kelly’s educational and career stories exemplifies that the classes you take in college will not completely prepare you for a future career. She even mentioned that she never saw herself working at a company like Google. On paper, Kelly is not necessarily “qualified” to work at Google in sales. I am sure she learned a lot of valuable skills during her job that she was unable to learn while in university. We are constantly learning new things. Formal education is not the “end all, be all” of learning. We continue to develop our knowledge through life experiences, relationships, and the plethora of media around us. This trip, for instance, has taught me immensely about my communication styles, Irish culture, and navigating in cities abroad 🙂

Anyways, Google has an admirable company culture and I would LOVE to work there someday!

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