[Day 9] Visit to Google HQ: I’ve been waitin’ for this one!

I would be lying if I didn’t say this was my most awaited site visit of this entire program, especially after taking a look at Microsoft’s Dublin headquarters. I definitely walked into Google’s Dublin headquarters with the intention of comparing and contrasting it with Microsoft’s–in terms of interior design, work culture, facilities, and much more. Thinking about the content covered in each site visit, Microsoft’s was more presentation-based and we learned a lot about their internship offerings in addition to demo-ing their new tech, the HoloLens. On the other hand, Google’s site visit was more light-hearted (more so than I’d imagined) where we toured their facilities such as the break rooms, terrace, restaurant, soda lab, and the foundry (a place for personal development). I wish we had covered a bit more about Google’s internship offerings and some of the cool projects they were working on, but I really enjoyed today’s visit! In fact, if I were to decide between two internship offers from both companies (fingers crossed, hoping and praying that’s the case)–I would pick Google (no offense, Microsoft!). This is mainly because of the emphasis on personal development, work culture, work-life balance, and flexibility that our presenters (Kelly and Arthur) placed on during the Google site visit. While the Microsoft site visit was informational, it felt a bit impersonal and promotional compared to Google’s.

I was also incredibly motivated to dedicate more time and effort towards my personal and professional development after today’s visit. Something about the employee-focused work culture and focus on personal development really appealed to me, and I wanted to at least make an effort towards improving myself going forward. I also learned that our presenter, Kelly, was a Russian and German major who applied for a position on Google that required fluency in multiple languages. As a multilingual individual whose native language isn’t English, I loved hearing that! I’ve been trying to self-study Japanese for a future study abroad program in between my course work, internship, and extracurricular involvement–which meant a whole lot of procrastination and barely any progress. But guess who subscribed to 4 Japanese-learning YouTube channels and downloaded 2 textbooks right after the Google visit?? (Me) Overall, this site visit was encouraging and fairly casual(ish), but informative at the same time, and I’m really looking forward to learning more about Google’s corporate structure and internship offerings during my own time and hopefully get involved with it in the future 🙂

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