Microsoft and Google Battle it Out


Our visit to Google was a much different experience from Microsoft. Google was much more freeform and tour-based while Microsoft focused more on a structured presentation and getting into the specifics of their company. I think this was pretty reflective of how each company is run as a whole. One of the things I loved about Google was their focus on the wellbeing of their employees. Microsoft also emphasized this, but it wasn’t as individualized, and Google seemed to offer a lot more opportunities for their employees. In today’s society, mental health is becoming so much more acknowledged and its importance is strongly emphasized. Both companies showcased ways that they put their employees first and pushed for a steady work-life balance. The opportunities that Google allows for their employees to take part in jobs and activities unrelated to their positions is something that really stood out to me. I think it can be extremely difficult to have one job to stick to during your time in a specific position or within a company and that is something that I have be concerned about for my own career. Having the opportunity to work in a different area or learn a fun but useful skill would help with these concerns of burnout and exhaustion in a single position.

On our tour, the one guide was so excited to share his experience with Google and even seemed to be learning new things as we went about the different buildings and learned about the company. This helped show that there is always something new to learn, even if it’s at the company you work for. The excitement he had for his job and his company is something I too hope to have for any job I work. Though we didn’t see any projects that he has worked on, I am sure that his passion for his job and Google is apparent in any work that he has produced.

Both Microsoft and Google are large hubs for their businesses in Europe and even the Middle East and Africa as they mentioned at Google. This allows for a wide variety of employees from different countries and cultures. Having the opportunity to not just work for, but also with, people from all around the world is something that even headquarters in America can’t offer. This also allows for better collaboration and understanding of their worldwide market and creates a more inclusive and uplifting space to work. Between Microsoft and Google, I would definitely choose to work at Google, but by going on tours of both I have learned a lot more about what they stand for as companies and that they don’t just create software and search engines.

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