Spending the Day by the Water


Disregarding the sunburn I got, yesterday ended up being a very fun and relaxing beach day. After sleeping in for a bit we woke up and went straight to the beach. I noticed not many people were in the water, and I recalled our tour guide saying that many people in Cyprus do no start swimming in the sea until June. The minute I stepped into the water, I realized why. The sea temperature was pretty cold, but honestly nothing most of us east coasters couldn’t handle.

Once in the water I noticed that the sea floor had a much rockier terrain that what I was used to having at the US beaches. I definitely enjoyed it, because the large rocks provided me with a place to rest while some of us swam out to a row of rocks that laid above the surface of the water. When we finally made it to the rocks it was so nice to see the view of the sea.

I eventually got cold in the water and went back to the beach where people from both Cyprus 1 and Cyprus 2 groups had started passing a volleyball, so I joined in. Thirty minutes to leaving I realized I probably should eat some sort of lunch before the 2 hour bus ride home. Some friends and I recognized we wouldn’t be able to sit down and eat a meal so we went to a convenience store to buy some snacks just to tie us over until dinner. One thing that I learned during this trip is that when you go out to eat in Cyprus it is a long sit down meal. Differing from America, there is not much grab and go or rushed meals in Cyprus.

Overall, it was nice to be able to have a day to relax at the beach, and it prepared me for the long week we have ahead.

Side note: can you spot me in the photo???

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