Vikings and Google: Quite the Combo

Today has been filled with interesting information and action. In a welcome twist, we had a sizable amount of free time after breakfast this morning! So, before visiting Google, we spent that free time visiting the Dublinia Viking museum near our StayCity and went about exploring some Viking artifacts from the founding of the city in the 800s all the way until the medieval ages. Besides learning more about the time period, something that resonated with me was the video on the third floor documenting the entire life of a person in Dublin back in the age of Vikings and leprosy. Despite everything different about the time period, things like growing up, working, meeting a girl you love, and starting a family, were still front and center. It ought to make one realize that regardless of generations and countries, the core tenets that guide a happy life remain the same.

Google’s site visit today reflected the ethos of the company and the guides itself: namely, it was less structured than normal and a few problems had to be solved on the fly, like not being able to leave through the exit! Something that surprised me was the fact that the guides did not study anything close to business while at Google, like Russian and graphic design, but ended up working at a company that is pretty “prestigious.” This likely ties in with their emphasis on lifelong learning at Google and the number of resources the company offers to advance your interests. It gave me even more strength and confidence that regardless of what I will do during and after college, I will be fine as long as I have an appetite to learn and my mental health. As someone who hates waking up early, my favorite part of the tour was when Arthur said that you can choose when you work based on your working style, as long as you meet your goals. More than anything, the multiculturalism has been on display as well: out of all of the tours, only one was actually Irish. The melting pot of cultures around here, along with everything else, has made this trip a great experience thus far.

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