Hanging out at UNIC

Today we spent the whole day of University Nicosia listening to different speakers. The first speaker we listened to was from Fleet Management Limited. They are a company that manages ships for the owners of them. They talked about the different types of cargo boats, for example the panamax class which is made for specifically crossing the Panama Canal and other types of boats under their care. After that meeting we had a quick break for lunch where I resorted to the American in me and got barbeque chicken.

After lunch we had two more speakers from the University of Nicosia. The first was with Mr. Antonis Polemitis, CEO of UNIC, where he talked about the future of crypto currency and block chain technology. It was really interesting to hear him talk about what he believes for the future of this technology. For example, he believed that crypto currency will have its uses for international purchases but wont be used to buy a carton of milk. During his talk it helped me reflect on what I think the future will look like and what kind of crazy technology we may see in the future. The second lecture of the day was with Dr. Spyros Makridaki, Director of UNIC’s Institute for the Future, where he talked about forecasting and its uses. For example, he talked about how Walmart uses forecasting to attempt to predict future demand for different produces so they can keep the shelves full. Rounding out the day a group of us headed out to the new city where we grabbed personal pies. I got a bastourma pie which had spicy Armenian dried beef blended with egg, it was good and something you normally wouldn’t see in America.

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