Working Hard or Hardly Working?

We visited Google today, which was different than I was expecting. They showed us around the building, but only the common areas. We did not see any office or work areas. They didn’t tell us much about the business other than the fact that it has great work-life balance. They had a game room, a gym with a pool, and many eating areas. It was cool but I did not get much insight on their business activities. They did seem to care a lot about mental health which is good to know. They have a meditation room, as well as many resting and break areas. 

To compare it to the Microsoft visit, Google seemed a bit less prepared for our tour which might have impacted my view of the company. Microsoft had a presentation where they told us about what they did, their products, their values, and more. They also talked about their work-life balance, as well as their internship program. There was a lot of information that gave me a good idea of what type of company it is. The building was also open concept and bright which I found very cool. On the other hand, Google was just a tour of the building and as I said earlier, we didn’t see any office spaces. Just the fun amenities they have for taking breaks. The tour was more relaxed which was nice, but from an academic standpoint it wasn’t the most informative. Also, the building was more closed concept and dark which wasn’t my favorite. 

At Google, it was interesting to find out that both of our tour guides did not have backgrounds in business before working at the company. One majored in a few languages and the other majored in design. It’s interesting to see how different backgrounds can lead to different things. In some cases, those paths can be unexpected but exciting. Both of them said they never thought they would work at a company like Google but they were very happy with their jobs.

Overall, it was very interesting to be able to compare such huge companies to each other. They were pretty different, yet they both had favorable aspects. I ended the day with a delicious Japanese meal and a walk through Dublin. Looking forward to a good night’s sleep!

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