On to the rural parts!

I had been looking forward to seeing the Cliffs of Moher this entire trip, and they did not disappoint. What I did not anticipate the day would contain was a self-guided tour of Barack Obama Plaza in Tipperary. Opened in 2014, a celebration of a US president’s partial Irish ancestry speaks to the incredible history truly any place could hold. After driving through the miles, err, kilometres, of rural Ireland, I understand why any tidbit of information is being maximized to make the area seem a bit more interesting. I enjoy the countryside and loved seeing the animals, but you don’t see Tipperary, Ireland topping any vacation destination lists. From a business perspective, I appreciate using the connection to spark some interest in the area and making the area a bit more interconnected with modern culture. To shift to the more popular tourist attraction we saw today, the economic opportunity provided by the Cliffs themselves was on full display as the coach pulled into the parking lot. The welcome center was surrounded by numerous gift shops, cafes, and street performers, all capitalizing on the population drawn by the beautiful rock formations. Just thinking about the number of jobs and commerce provided by a wonderful view is quite interesting, and a testament to the vast array of opportunities for business in all aspects of the world. These businesses still standing after the effects of COVID is impressive, as travel and tourism was not exactly a bustling industry the past two years. If tasked with pitching tourism for Ireland, I would highlight the clash of old vs new, technology vs history, tradition vs modernity which primarily Dublin, but the whole of Ireland exhibits. The many historical sites are often right next door to the offices of a mega corporation, and this offers a very insightful look into how the world has moved into the information age.

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