Adventure into the Ghost Town

Today was a nice leisurely day where we first got to do some sightseeing in the Turkish Republic of Cyprus. In order to get into a country only Turkey’s government recognized we had to pass through a checkpoint and were given a silent guide to make sure we did everything right. While in the Turkish Republic of Cyprus we visited Famagusta, the old tourist hotspot before the Turkish invasion. It was really strange as 17 percent of it was abandoned due to the UN not allowing anyone in. It was even weirder as schools were in session next to this large abandoned portion and no one seemed to care. We then visited the old bay where we had a chance to walk around and have a small snack.

We then headed back out of the Turkish Republic of Cyprus where we had to check out. We then headed to Kannos bay which was a super nice beach and got to enjoy the sun. We even swam out to a small rocky outcropping which was cool but really hurt my feet. Finally we rounded out the day visiting the sea caves which were but there were lots of people there so it was hard to fully enjoy.

As I keep looking at the itinerary it is making me sad how close we are to the end of such a great trip and honestly hope tomorrow never comes as I don’t want to leave.

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