day 9

Hello! Today was a great day of exploration in Cyprus. The bus left to our first stop, Famagusta, at 7:45 am. This is the Turkish part of Cyprus, which is in the northern part of Cyprus. We had to cross a military checkpoint to enter this part of Cyprus, which was a little scary, but we made it through. While in Famagusta, we saw the abandoned city Varosi that was tragically abandoned once the Turkish took over. It was very interesting and eerie to see an entire city rusted and empty. Next, we had some free time in the old city of Famagusta. There were some great sights which included a large wall and some ruined structures. We also had lunch here, which was very cheap.

Next, we stopped at Konnos Bay. This bay was absolutely beautiful. The water was so clear and was extremely refreshing to go in. We only stayed here for around an hour and a half, but it was well worth it. Lastly, we stopped at the sea caves to take some pictures. We also saw a large stone bridge that looked like it was ab out to crumble.

After a small dinner at Anamma, that was all for today’s activities. I am looking forward to tomorrow’s late wake up time (11:00 am). cya!

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