From Doka to Dota

After visiting the last plantation today, some of the advantages of a cooperative company are a democratic environment and resources. There are about 900 families out of 1,200 families in the valley that are part of the cooperative company. Once a year, they meet to discuss their big future plans to vote on whether or not the company should act on it. In order for a plan to be approved, there needs to be a majority of the families voting favorable for the plan. In the Coope Dota, everyone is pushing together to make good quality coffee. One major disadvantage that has multiple facets is the size of the cooperative company. As the company expands and signs on more families, it may be more difficult to find agreeable topics regarding the democratic process. Not to mention, it is unfair if a family doesn’t contribute its entire acre of land when another family does. In a traditional company, the high positions have the say on the decision of the company.

The community of Santa María benefits from Dota because one thing that Dota cherishes is the act of giving back to the community. With about three fourths of families in Santa María partnered with Dota, Dota shows their gratitude by investing back into the community. For example, they sponsor school athletic programs and senior centers. Only about .5% of the pickers are ticos because most of them go to barista school for a more rewarding profession. My favorite preparation of coffee is an espresso with a chai tea. I am not a fan of the coffee flavor because my taste buds haven’t fully matured but I like the jolt of energy it gives me.

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