Hit the Ground Running

My first day of freedom! I have been in isolation for the past two days, but my test result finally came back and it was negative. Despite the rainy weather, I was excited to be able to rejoin the group for the activities today. First, we heard from a guest speaker, Rob Cullen, about his tips for networking. I enjoyed his presentation and insights into how best to build a network and why it is so important to have in the first place. Rob touched on how networking was affected both positively and negatively from COVID-19 which I found interesting. Even though the traditional channels for networking, in-person events and socialization, were unable to occur, many people and organizations adapted to having online and virtual networking events. As a positive result, people were brought together in a virtual plane who would not have met usually. Reflecting on our networking discussion, one practice that I would like to implement in my own life is being more proactive and confident when reaching out to people. I would like to get into the habit of finding out who is going to what events and reach out beforehand to try to make a connection. By putting myself out there more, even if it does not lead to job offers right away, I will be building and expanding my network for the future. Additionally, I would like to form the habit of following up with people after conversations more frequently in order to form more long lasting connections that can serve as resources in the future.

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