network network network!

Today was a pretty academically focused (and rainy) day starting shortly after breakfast. We headed to Griffith College to hear a lecturer, Rob Cullen, who came to talk to us about networking and the proper ways of doing so. Honestly, I was not expecting his presentation to go the way that it did. I was not too impressed, but I understand the importance of the lecture. Again and again students learn how important networking is; believe it or not, I had a whole class period to network with my classmates in a selling class I took last semester. I think that is a pretty universal concept: the more people you know and that know you, the more successful you will be in your professional life. Networking opens doors and opportunities even when you do not necessarily need them. During the COVID-19 pandemic, face to face networking went down the drain, but does not mean it was halted. I think that COVID has positively affected networking because, for me at least, it is easier to talk to somebody new on the screen than it is in person. I think networking, in general, had to adjust to the virtual world, but has tremendous benefits since you can meet more people via the virtual world. One thing that I learned today that I most likely will be using in the future is the “Can I join you?” question when at an event. It is a brilliant segway into a group conversation since the others cannot really say no to you, and you are directing the responsibility to them to include you.

As for Auxillion, I think they stayed relevant because of their people and their industry. Tech is ever-growing and changing and if Auxillion stays on top of the new trends and technologies they will stay relevant.

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