Day 11: Final Presentations (May 18)

Our final full day in Augsburg was definitely filled with the most work. We began to finish up our presentations at nine in the morning and worked until 1:45. Running through the presentation three times gave the group a decent amount of confidence before the final run in front of the class. At 12, we did have a break to eat lunch at the Mensa. They had a lot of decent food, which was much better than the food at the eatery back at Pitt.

Mensa at the University of Augsburg

After a good lunch at the Mensa we went back to the classroom and then started presentations. Our group, Hoerbiger, attempted to get to go first by setting up our presentation before everyone got in the classroom, but our plan failed. Korbinian used a random number generator to pick who goes first, and of course, we got picked to go last. So we then waited three whole hours to get to present. The nice thing was that our presentation was interesting and we were well prepared. I thought it went very well and I was also excited to be done with the work.

Presentations finishing also meant that we got to have one last meal with everyone that has been involved in the trip. All of the German students and professors were there at the Ratskeller. It was an awesome looking restaurant where you could sit outside right next to the town hall.


For my last meal of the trip I had schnitzel, which was the first German dish that I had the pleasure of trying. Once again, it tasted great and was definitely an awesome way to finish up my last German dinner.

Hi Jerry 🙂

Although dinner was great, it was bittersweet because we had to say goodbye to Korbinian, Niko and Maxi. They were such great helps during the trip, taking us from place to place and translating for us. The trip really would not have been as incredible as it was without them, so it was sad to say Auf Wiedersehen. I truly can’t thank them enough because they put in some time and effort into the trip, and I feel like I made a few great friendships as well. The goodbye will definitely not be forever because I’m sure they will visit us in Pittsburgh sometime next year. Niko will actually study here for a semester, which is wonderful news.

Overall, it was a hardworking last day, but it was also a great sendoff to the beautiful city of Augsburg. I wouldn’t have wanted to stay anywhere else or have to work with any other German students. I know I am incredibly lucky to be on this trip, and I am very grateful for the experiences and people I have met.

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