Day 8

We started off the day by traveling to UNIC. Our first presentation was with Fleet Management Limited. They informed us on how their company manages ships, and the importance of their industry. We also had a jeopardy style presentation about the fun facts of the shipping industry, which was extremely informative and fun!

After this, we once again ate at the Block, a restaurant at the university. It was very nice to eat good food and relax with friends for an hour. 

Our next presentation was on the blockchain, cryptocurrency, and bitcoin, presented by Antonis Polemitis, the CEO of the University of Nicosia. This was easily my favorite presentation thus far. To start, I have always been someone very interested in Cryptocurrency and blockchain. When Polemitis asked if anyone owned an NFT, I am pretty sure I was the only one who raised my hand. Polemitis was extremely effective in explaining how the blockchain works and what its potential applications could be, while simultaneously clearing many misconceptions that are common today. Everyone i talked to afterward voiced how much they learned, which was very cool. Personally, Polemitis made me truly see the possible future the blockchain could unlock, whic made me very excited for our future.

Our final speaker of the day was Dr. Makridakis. Right off the bat, we learned that Dr. Makridakis wasa former olympian for Greece in sailing. We would quickly learn that this was man of many talents, as he presented to us about forecasting, a data driven process that people and/or businesses use to predict what might happen in the future. Dr. Makridakis was the founder of the M competition, a worldwide competition designed to test theories in forecasting, which has lead to many breakthroughs in the field. Between the blockchain lecture and the wisdom of Dr. Makridakis, today was the best educational day so far.

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