Day 9: trip to the turkish side

Same morning routine, earlier day. We had to be prompt this morning because we were crossing the border to the Turkish side of Cyprus today. We picked up Georgia and headed towards the checkpoint. 

It was another very informative bus ride as Georgia explained different sites and the history behind where we were going. We were visiting her home town in Famagusta. What was once a lively beach town, is now a ghost town that was just opened to tourists again 2 years ago. Georgia grew up in this town. She was born in a hospital we saw, worked a summer job, hung out with her friends, and went to school. It was heartbreaking to see the town in ruins. 

After the ghost town, we went to another part of the north. Here was a walled in town with different churches and castles. We went to a local bakery that took three different currencies. I got Turkish delights and baklava, it was delicious. 

We then headed back through the checkpoint, out of Turkish territory. Then we had free time at the Fig Bay Beach, where some people swam and I dipped my toes in the water. 

To finish the day of excursions, we stopped at the sea caves. The sea caves looked like an awesome place to swim and explore the water. It was slippery, but worth the risk to see the view from inside the cave. 

On the bus ride back, we dropped Georgia off for the final time and arrived at the hotel. After a quick shower, Andres showed us around the Old City some more. He showed us where locals typically go and even a soccer field. We had dinner at Anamma to wrap up a successful day!

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