Day Nine in Cyprus


Day nine of Cyprus was a great excursion-filled day. We spent the day traveling to the Turkish side of Cyprus. Georgia pointed out the many British and Turkish outposts which I thought were very interesting. Going through the checkpoint into the Turkish side was a little stressful and unlike anything I had encountered before. Hearing about the outposts and the officers command to shoot on sight was surreal and very interesting. We then walked around the abandoned section of the city and saw the ransacked and overgrown buildings that Greek Cypriots used to occupy. Georgia pointed out the store she worked in during high school along with her house in the far distance. It was so great getting an insider’s stories from historical events I didn’t even realize occurred.

After walking around the abandoned city, we travelled into the walled city and toured the church ruins. One church had clear gothic influence and included flying buttresses along with gothic arches which I found really interesting. For lunch, I bought a cheese pastry for one euro along with Turkish Delight and baklava after lunch. Then we travelled back to the Greek side of Cyprus and explored Fig Bay Beach. Here the water was clear and beautiful but very rocky and painful. After the beach, we toured a few of the nearby sea caves which were incredible and then headed back to Nicosia for a laid back evening.

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