Networking The Right Way

During our guest speaker lecture, Rob Cullen further proved that the key to success in Ireland is the ability to expand your horizon. With his wide range of past careers, it was clear that his biggest strength is networking. Today we had the opportunity to learn from Rob Cullen how to effectively network. 

A technique I plan to use that I learned today is being aware of what “groups” to join. I really enjoyed the demonstration Rob put on, involving a situation at a networking event, but could be applied anywhere you are socializing. The demonstration taught us what groups of people conversing can be joined, and which cannot. Another is something I’ve never considered: wearing your name tag in a spot on your clothes that is readable, and appropriate. 

Although Covid has negatively affected networking, it brought about new ways to do so. During Covid, no one was socializing face-to-face. More time was being spent online, whether through zoom calls, more emailing, or social media. When I think of how I was networking during Covid, it involved reaching out through LinkedIn, which to me doesn’t constitute networking because I’d like to get to know the person before I add them on social media. However, LinkedIn is a platform that gets you connected with others who may not need this face-to-face interaction first. During Covid I recall recruiters reaching out to me simply to get me interested in their company. This kinda made up for the connection that I felt I was missing out on.

Before visiting Auxilion, I had a hard time understanding what their work is, and I don’t think I was the only one. I’m really glad we had the opportunity to learn about their work and what drives them to continue the business. They mentioned their 25-year anniversary just passed, which is a huge achievement. I believe they’re still relevant because they have changed their branding multiple times based on what they believe will keep them relevant.

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