Royals for the day

The day started at Schwangau, Bavaria in order for us to take a visit to King Ludwig’s castle. The second we got off the bus, our eyes looked up to the castle that was standing strong surrounded by trees, something out of a Disney movie. I was ready for Belle or Rapunzel to come out to greet us. Before actually visiting the inside of the castle, we needed to get over one small obstacle: a mile of a steep road, emphasis on the word steep. We slowly made our way there as we cheered each other on, the view was truly worth it and made the pain go away. After some quick photos, we had another 600 meters before entering the castle.

In the inside of the castle, we were able to tour each room and learn more about King Ludwig’s life, almost everything was royal blue and decorated with swans, Ludwig’s favorite color and animal. I could write a little kid’s book based on the way the castle made me feel, the view to the rest of the village made me feel like I could conquer the world. On the way down, we stopped for a hidden treasure, one euro German donuts. The pop-up shop was sitting right there and me and my three friends made the impulsive decision to try some. I mean, why not? How many times can you get one euro original donuts on your way down from a castle with your friend? They did not disappoint and have been one of my favorite treats so far. They were chewy but fluffy at the same time, and honestly the perfect pick me up to get us all the way down to the village.

To continue the magical trip, we stopped at the town of Fuessen, which was extremely picturesque and filled with buildings painted with soft pastel colors and tiny wooden windows. This town was filled with gelato and coffee shops, the ones you see in the villages of any Disney princess movie. After a quick lunch, we headed to the Wieskirche Church, situated in the middle of a beautiful green landscape, home to a small pack of chickens that really added to the atmosphere. The inside of the church was filled with bright catholic paintings and light that perpetrated every corner of the church. Needless to say, this day made me feel like a princess (or more like a character in Hansel and Gretel) and gave me an extraordinary insight into Germany’s folklore.

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