Last Company Day

Today we had our last company meeting. We met with PricewaterhouseCooper (PWC) in the New City of Nicosia. We met in their immersive meeting area, where they had hologram technology. Seeing that type of technology in person for the first time was very cool. Next, we talked about the world of supply chain with various different professionals. One thing we talked about was circle economy. Circle economy is all about trying to make the most of the products that you are producing. For example, instead of making products in single use plastic producing things in reusable containers. Not only does this help businesses but it also helps the environment. We also talked about Blockchain Technology. We learned about how people like seeing where the products they buy come from. A blockchain can show consumers every step of the way, potentially increasing sales. Something interesting that happened while we were in our meeting was that we could hear Cypriot dairy farmers protesting outside of the PwC building in front of the Presidential building down the road. The farmers were protesting because legislation is passing a new law that raises the percentage of goat milk to cow milk in Halloumi to be considered officially from Cyprus. The farmers do not like that because goat milk is more expensive than cow milk and now, they are losing money. It was interesting to see the protest from up above and learn why it was happening. After our meeting we had some free time to ourselves. So, we explored the city, bought some souvenirs, and got some ice cream. Finally, to end the day we went out for dinner one last time as a big group for our farewell dinner. It was a bittersweet moment. It is crazy to think that our time in Cyprus is almost coming to an end.

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