Wish my Skin was as Clear as the Mediterranean Sea

Today we went to Famagusta, the old major city in the part of Cyprus that is run by Turkish military. On our way into the Turkish territory, we had to comply with many different regulations. For example, we had to show our passport when crossing the border between Turkish and Cypriot territory, and it was required for us to travel around the area with a Turkish-Cypriot guide. While in Famagusta, we walked around the Varosi area. This area is known as a ghost town because the Cypriots living here were forced out of the area by the Turkish military back in 1974. However, the Turkish government didn’t do anything to the buildings there after everyone left. So now, the area only consists of the many buildings made in1973 or before of the once prosperous town of Famagusta in post-war conditions.

After visiting the ghost town in Famagusta, we then went to its old city for lunch. We went to this restaurant called Perek and got Turkish pastries for lunch. After lunch, we left Famagusta to go to the beach at Konnos Bay. This was the prettiest beach I have ever been to. The sand was super soft and the water was crystal clear and there was even a mini island off the shore that we were able to swim to. After going to the beach, we then visited the sea caves also at Konnos Bay. They were very picturesque caves underneath cliffs made of these dark rocks. At the end of the day, I had so many uniquely amazing pictures from everything we had done.

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