Cementing our Legacy In Cyprus


I am a little sad writing this as I realize this will be our last day in Cyprus and I will have to start packing once I finish this. Today we had our final company visits with VTTV and the Vasiliko Cement Company, both stationed at Vasiliko port. First we visited the cement factory where we learned all about the process of producing cement and my new favorite word, clinker. On our tour we visited the control room which was really cool and remined me a little bit of a prison control room due to all the screens of camera feeds. Next we headed up the hill a little to visit VTTV. VTTV focuses on the downstream process of oil managing other customer’s oil and putting into boats or silos for storage. It was really interesting to finally find out what the domes I had seen from the highway on our journeys to Limassol actually did.

After our company visits we were allowed to spend our final hours hanging out at the Lanarca beach. Many people hung out in beach chairs to relax however, I paced the beach with Dylan in anticipation of our 10+ hours of sitting we will get to do tomorrow on the plane. While Lanarca we stopped for lunch where I got the biggest salad I’ve ever seen and couldn’t even finish it. Finally we rounded out the day with our last group meeting where we discussed feedback about the trip and plans for tomorrow. After that we headed out for dinner and later got my favorite gelato, salted caramel.

Overall its been a really great trip where I got to meet loads of new people, gain new experiences and learn about supply chains. I would really recommend the trip to anyone who wants to study abroad but wants a bit more structure to their experience. Although I am sad to leave Cyprus, I am excited to finally get some rest and not have to sleep a foot away from another person.

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