Day 11: Our Last Day in Cyprus!

Today was our last day in Cyprus! We started off early to get in our COVID tests before coming home (all negative!). We then went back to Zygi, where we had fish mezze earlier in the trip, to see Vassiliko Cement and VTTV, a shipping company with a location at the Zygi Port. We got to hear about the process of making cement, which was actually cooler than I thought it was going to be, as well as how VTTV fits into global supply chains as it manages the transport of oil for big name companies such as ExxonMobil and Shell. We got to wear reflective vests and hard hats for our facility tour, which was pretty fun! The VTTV port also had amazing views, and we saw a sea turtle in the water from the quay!

After our last company visit, we drove back to Larnaca for some free time at the beach. We had a nice lunch and then I got in some shopping I had been meaning to do for a while. We then took a walk on the beach, and I think the water was the warmest it had been the whole time we were there, so I regretted not changing into my swimsuit!

We then came back to Nicosia, where we had our family meeting and trivia. We heard the Turkish side of the city was pretty interesting, so we figured we should pay it a visit tonight, so we crossed over the green line! The area we walked around sort of looked the same, but the atmosphere felt a little different. We got dinner and made our way back to the hotel, where we finished packing and got ready to go.

It’s hard to believe Plus3 is already over and we’re leaving tomorrow! I met so many great people and had great experiences learning more about shipping, supply chains, and more. I feel like now I have a pretty good understanding of these topics, whereas before I really didn’t know much of anything about how a business operates. I hope to combine this information with my engineering knowledge in the future!

Ready for our facilities tour!
Inside the main control room at Vassiliko Cement
Clinker (an intermediary product for cement) waiting for the next step in production
VTTV’s oil storage units

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