Day Eleven: Goodbye Cyprus :(

Today was sadly our last day in Cyprus, but at least it was another surprise beach day. It really hit me that this trip, simultaneously the longest yet fastest one I’ve been on, was coming to an end. Everything I did today was a nostalgic last, but it was a great way to end the trip. We started the morning off by getting our Covid tests done so that we could travel back. Then, we headed to Larnaca to spend a few hours at the beach. I was starving by the time we got there, so we grabbed some lunch. I had the best coffee beverage I’ve had since I’ve been here: a cookie mochaccino. Then we headed over to the beach where we spent a lot of time going back and forth between sunbathing and swimming in the ocean. The water felt warmer than the last time we were at this beach. We ended our time at the beach with some delicious ice cream that was a treat from Dr. Bursic and Frank (thank you so much!) I got biscotino and stracciatella which paired really well with each other.

My cookie mochachino

The rest of our time was our own to experience whatever lasts we wanted to. I decided to visit the Turkish part of Nicosia since I hadn’t been there yet. I realized that the idea of going through border control with passports sounded a lot more intimidating than it really was. This side of the city was absolutely stunning! I loved all the architecture and it was really interesting to see that the Greek and Turkish sides really did have distinct features. I visited some local stores where I bought a few handmade decorations. I also went to a Turkish sweet shop where I was lured in with free samples and ended up leaving with 25 euros worth of sweets. Then I headed back to my room to pack and rest before I went out for my final dinner and dessert evening. Just like that, my last day in Cyprus came to an end. It was 11 days of activities, back to back, and full of amazing business and cultural experiences. I will definitely be feeling Cyprus withdrawals as soon as I set foot back home.

The Northern part of Nicosia

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