Day Ten in Cyprus


Today was one of our shortest days that began much later than usual at 11am. Rather than waking up early to eat the hotel breakfast, I ate my leftovers from last night’s which were still very good. Instead of my typical cappuccino, I drank a canned caramel latte coffee I bought from the nearby convenience store which surpassed my expectations. We began the day with a short trip to PWC located within Nicosia. The office newly renovated and charming and the espresso bar was highly appreciated. I found the second presentation especially interesting in its explanation of how AI is being used for global forecasting decision making and how the supply chain is being shifted toward complete autonomy. After those two presentations, I listened to one presentation in particular that interested me the most. The presenter discussed sustainability and how the design of products impacts the supply chain. She specifically explained a wine bottle design that allowed more bottles to be shipped in a single box without decreasing the amount of wine in each bottle. I found this interest since it related two aspects of production, design and supply chain, that j had not previously considered to be connected.

After our business meetings, we returned to Nicosia where we had hours of free time to ourselves. During this break, I crossed the border to the Turkish side of Nicosia which I had not seen yet. Passing the checkpoint was much easier today compared to yesterday and took only a minute rather than thirty. Once inside, we walked around the streets and visited two bazaars filled with jewelry, soaps, and other handmade items. This part of the city had a different atmosphere and felt more Middle Eastern than European. I was quite to surprised to see many stores selling replica items from brands such as Gucci, Chanel, Burberry, Supreme, Louis Vuitton, and even Nike and adidas. After our visit to the Turkish side of Nicosia, we had our farewell meal which felt strange that we would very soon be heading back to the United States. While the days were long, the last two weeks surely felt short.

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