Day 10: pwc has holograms

We had a later start today and didn’t have to leave the hotel until 11:00. This allowed for some extra time to sleep in before the business meeting today.

The bus ride was less than 30 minutes to pwc. When we arrived, we took the elevator up to the 9th floor. Here, was the nicest office building we have been to in my opinion. It was very modern looking, the interior designer deserves a raise. There was three sections to the upstairs, and a coffee bar where I got a Freddo espresso. 

We talked with different directors, executives, and even client that runs the DIY home improvement stores. However, my favorite part of the day was the different stations. I talked with a woman who was involved in working with supply chains relating to being environmentally friendly or aware. She shared some really interesting companies and the different problems they fix revolving around the supply chain. There was a company that works with reusing packaging for different goods around the house. For example shampoos, beauty products, cleaning supplies, etc. The company ships the products to the house, the customer ships them back when they are empty and they are refilled. Another interesting company was ZigZag, which essentially is a form of returning products without releasing an abundant amount of carbon emissions. Lastly a wine company, Garçon, makes wine with packaging that is better for the environment. The packaging is also more useful in the sense that one side is flat so more bottles can be packaged and shipped. 

The night ended at our farewell dinner for our last meze. I enjoyed the pita and different dips, as well as what seemed like a feta pie. After our final supper we satiated our sweet tooth with gelato, not the last because we need to get it tomorrow!

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