Our futuristic last company meeting

Due to a change of schedule, our final company meeting was moved up to today with Price Waterhouse Cooper. We were in the top floor of their office building, and you could see what seemed to be the entire island from the window. On top of that, the floor was so futuristic. They had multiple big touch screens on the wall, and they even had a hologram on the one stage. 

Our meetings started with Michael Müller, who reported from Germany via zoom. He gave us an effective presentation on the advancements in the supply chain, and he made it a point to say every successful company will implement AI to accelerate supply chain movements. 

Afterwards, we met with a representative from Superhome, who told us how his business operates. What really interested me during this presentation was how he was able to minimize his costs after the pandemic, which went from $2,000 per container to around $14,000. Following that presentation were a couple breakout meetings consisting of blockchain and circular economy concepts, then it was time to head back to the hotel and have some free time before dinner. 

We decided to spend our free time by visiting the Cyprus Museum, which was filled with many artifacts from each era of Nicosia’s upbringing. When 6:45 rolled around, we walked to a restaurant in the new city for our farewell dinner. It was meze style again and it was really good. I don’t think I could ever eat enough Greek food!

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