Day 10 & We’re Near the End

Day 10 is officially over; it was our second to last day 🙁

We finally had a late start this morning which was super nice because I got to go out for breakfast since I wasn’t rushing. We got coffee at Coffee Berry which was some of the best coffee I’ve ever had. It was delicious! I decided to walk down Ledras street to a bakery that Andreas recommended which was called Giagia Viktoria. It was absolutely incredible. I have literally no clue what I got because it was all in Greek, but it tasted amazing. I also accidentally dropped it on my pants and it was a lot of powdered sugar.

After breakfast we were off to PWC for one of our last company meetings. The office space, I think they call it the innovation space, was so cool. It had a great view of the city and was decorated very uniquely. They even had exercise balls as seats! They did an introduction with a hologram which was super cool because I’ve never actually seen a hologram in real life. The most interesting part of this meeting for me was the last part where we went around to stations. The best station was the one about technology and user experience. The man at that station talked a lot about the design thinking approach and human centered design which I had learned extensively about in the class The Art of Making. It was cool to see the things I learned and used in the classroom in the real world. He mentioned IDEO’s approach to design which was exactly what we learned. He really emphasized the iterative process we talked about of really connecting with the user and figuring out the problem, prototyping, and then reevaluating with the user and refining.

While we were at PWC apparently there was a Halloumi protest. There was a new law that said Halloumi has to have more goat milk than cow’s milk to be called Halloumi and the cow milk farmers were upset about all of their excess milk so they poured it out into the street. Only in Cyprus!

We came back and had lots of free time. I visited the museum that was just down the street from the hotel. It was super cool; they had a lot of old Cyprus artifacts like bowls, jewelry, dresses, etc. There were so many beautiful things in the museum and I learned a bit more about the history of Cyprus through the artifacts.

Next, we ate at Abo’s Armenian food which Andreas also recommended. Let me tell you, it was so delicious. I got the Khachapuri with one egg and it was so good.

Finally, we finished by going to the observatory in the Shacolas Tower. It had an amazing view of the city which I didn’t realize was so large. It just kept going on. Looking out I got sad that we are leaving on Friday because Nicosia feels like my little city now 🙁

Now onto the Farewell Dinner and another day of fun!

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