The Final Day

Today we spent our final day on the island of Cyprus at the beach. We were on the bus by 9am, in order to get COVID tested. We had to get a test in order to return back to the United States tomorrow. Afterwards we went to Larnaca and spent the majority of our day at the beach. Then we came back to the hotel and packed. After that, we all attended a surprise birthday party for Dalia!

At the beach, we all had a very nice time. I played volleyball for an hour or so before going across the street to a restaurant. I had the best milkshake I have ever had. Then we finished our day at the beach with some ice cream with the whole group.

After coming back to the hotel, we all packed and headed to Dalia’s surprise birthday party. It is actually her birthday today, but we had to celebrate early. She will have an extra long birthday as we will have about 31 hours of May 20th today.

Overall, this wraps up the trip and I had a very nice time with everyone. I made a lot of new friends and saw a lot of new places. I am very happy I decided to do this program.

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