2nd to Last Day in Cyprus


Yesterday we went to PWC, Price Water House Coopers. It is a multinational accounting, auditing, and finance company. 

We were taken up the the ninth floor of the building where you could see a view of Nicosia. The office was very modern. What they considered there everyday office space had a bar, multiple high tech TV’s, yoga balls as chairs, and a screen that can project holograms of people and images. 

The multiple presenters talked about the importance of a circular supply chain rather than linear. This kind of system is more environmentally friendly and more efficient than other methods. 

During the networking one fo the presentations in particular caught my interest. The presenter talked about how if our economy is set up linearly then we lose value, and in the other hand we retain value when our economy is set up circularly. When going more into the specifics I also learned the difference between reuse and recycle. Recycling usually involves making a completely new product from material already used. Reuse means to use a product again without it being reproduced into a new product. Both are very beneficial in ensuring the health of our earth. Many companies such as Loop ans Bio-Bean have utilized these methods in the creation of their products. 

After the networking was done we headed back to Nicosia for some free time and then later a farewell dinner. In our free time my friends and I chose to explore the streets of old city Nicosia and take a look at some souvenirs. We also visited the Cyprus museum right near our hotel. The museum had several rooms of old artifacts found from thousands of years ago. It was really fascinating to look around at all the artifacts. What I found most interesting was detail they were able to put into every single one of their hand made items. We left the museum and headed for a very enjoyable the farewell dinner. Two weeks went by too quickly. 

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