After we all successfully tested negative for covid we drove to Larnaca, where we had the option to spend our last day at the beach or walking around the town. My friends and I chose to spend the day at the beach, and it couldn’t have been a nicer ending to the program. 

We started by throwing the frisbee in the water. I eventually freed everyone of my horrible frisbee skills and began to swim out to the farthest buoy I could see. I’ve noticed that at all the Cyprus beaches we have visited there aren’t lifeguards or strict rules to where you should swim out to. Once I realized I was able to go without being whistled my friends I went for nice calm swim. 

Once we had succeeded in our journey to touch the buoy we dried off and Brenda and I started to dig a hole in the sand. Originally we thought we could bury the smallest of our group,@bekahordalia, but then Owen(one of the tallest in the group) decided to take one for the team, so we buried him instead. Side note: The sand on this beach was very interesting. It was really soft and it behaved, more than other sands do, very similarly to how cornstarch and water when mixed together would behave. 

Before leaving we wanted to go in the Mediterranean Sea just one more time and while we were in there was saw an (unfortunately) dead lion fish. I haven’t seen any other sea creatures in the ocean beside small fish so it was definitely unexpected and surprising to see. 

On our way out Dr. Bursik and Frank bought us ice cream (thank you) and we ate it all before heading back on the bus to return to Nicosia. Once back we did one last walk through the old city and ended our night by celebrating Dalias birthday:) 

I thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of this program and its people. After this trip I am only more excited to see what other study abroad opportunities I may have in the future. I learned so much about Cyprus culture and it’s companies and I’m sad to be leaving so soon.

Thank you for everything you did in leading this trip and us students! 

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