Day 11: Final Day

Today was the last day. We did not do any company visits or cultural tours, so this will be a shorter one. However, we did visit the beach in Larnaca again. We had fun swimming in the water, which was warmer than the other beaches we went to; eating ice cream; and playing volleyball. There is not much to add that was not already previously discussed.

What I found interesting was when I went with a couple of friends to the Turkish side of Nicosia. The border crossing was a lot easier than expected, with a very light review of each of our passports. The architecture also changed almost immediately to a more geometric style akin to that of historical Muslim architecture, as opposed to the traditionally Greek architecture of the other side of the island. It was quite reminiscent of our visit to Northern Cyprus. We also found an amazing sweet shop, as well as plenty of tourist shops. The tourist shops on this side of the city, though, tended to focus a lot more on textiles than the ceramics or silver of the Greek side of the island. This is probably due to the quality of Turkish wool.

Overall, I quite enjoyed the whole trip to Cyprus. This last day was the perfect way to punctuate a beautiful and fulfilling study abroad experience.

.The aforementioned sweets shop

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