Day 10: TechnoOffice

Today, we visited PrciewaterhouseCoopers. They are a network of professional services companies dedicated to maintaining better business practices in the future.

Our visit to them was quite interesting. Their office was filled with futuristic seeming technologies. They had a hologram-like projector that used the reflection off of an angled pane of glass to give the look of a floating object. They also had a huge wall touch screen that they conducted a Zoom lecture on. When talking with us, they discussed the use of digital technologies in a plethora of fields and how different fields adapt to globalization through data.

After the main lecture, we were able to split up and visit three different mini lectures. The one that interested me the most was about a circular supply chain instead of a linear supply chain. The main idea behind how this would work is a lot of recycling and reusing of materials. Two main examples were coffee grounds and wine bottles. Coffee grounds rarely find their way into compost, and thus have little no secondary use. One company aims to fix this issue by compacting them into logs, allowing them to be burned in the house for warmth, as well as a pleasant coffee aroma. Glass wine bottles are also incredibly hard to recycle as dark and clear glass need to be reliably sorted. Thus, one company designed plastic wine bottles with a flatter shape in order to more compactly store wine, as well as more ability to reuse and recycle the material of wine bottles.

Overall, I thought it was interesting to visit a company at the forefront of innovation in so many different sectors. There definitely seems to be a lot more under the surface in regards to the supply chain, and I am excited to explore further in my future career.

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