Weisswurst and Faurecia (May 12, 2022)


We got to get up later today and go to the countryside to try classic Bavarian food. The weisswurst were extremely good after I figured out how to get the casing off of the meat. I also very much liked the sweet mustard on the pretzels. Overall, the food was definitely different from that of breakfast in the United States but it was extremely tasty. Outside of the restaurant, which felt more like a farmers market, was a massive field of yellow and green that stretched across a massive expanse of land. I am always surprised by how much empty space there is in Germany given how large the population is. The countryside is so beautiful, but I still wonder how it remains so empty and preserved.

We then got back on the bus and headed to Faurecia. The company tour was relatively short as we were guided through two of their innovation buildings. They then had many people from different sections of the company come and speak to us about the opportunities at Faurecia, their recent acquisition of Hella, and the innovations that the company is working on. The company is the leader in what they call the “cockpit of the future”. They are dedicated to being the best at creating the optimal driver experience for cars and they supply to many well known car companies like BMW. I thought that their acquisition of Hella was interesting because at first glance the companies have little in common aside from the automobile industry. However, I learned through the talks that Hella’s technology capabilities compliment Faurecia’s vision for the future of the company and their products. It is a marvel how committed individual companies like Faurecia are to doing their part in combating climate change and moving Germany towards e-mobility.

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