Day 10 – The Disney Castle (May 17th)

Today we visited Neuschwanstein, which is a castle near the border of Austria. We took a private bus there and we took the same road that we took to Oberammergau. It was a weird feeling because we passed by the same scenery almost a week ago and it hit me how close the trip was to ending. We had today, presentations, Salzburg, and then we would be leaving. It made me really sad because this trip has been one of the best I’ve ever been on and I don’t want it to end yet.

We got to the castle about an hour early so all the plus3 people sat by the lake taking photos and skipping stones. It was a great view but there were so many bugs by the lake. However despite that, it was a great day outside so we still had a lot of fun.

It’s me!
The Boys

Then, it was time for the long walk up. It was about a mile and for the last hundred feet I raced Zach to the top. We stopped at an overlook where we got this amazing group photo and some nice individual ones as well.

Plus 3!

After that, we went on the tour of Neuschwanstein. There were only 9 finished rooms in the building but each one was immaculate and had so much detail in it. Everything was drawn to the finest detail. The coolest room definetley had to be the manmade cave. It looked just like a normal cave but it was artifically made for King Ludwig, who commissioned the castle to be made. Unfortunately we couldn’t take photos inside otherwise I would show some pictures.

After Neuschwanstein we went to the town of Fussen, which was nearby to have lunch and to shop around a little. We ate at a Turkish/German place and I had a pork schnitzel. We also walked around and checked out a tourist shop and got some gelato.

Our final stop was at a church called the Wieskirche. It was on a beautiful countryside with green fields in all directions (Except for a couple of tourist shops). On our way in we stopped to look at some chickens and then entered the church. The insane was crazily detailed as well. When staring at the interior it was a lot to take in. Everything has a design or a painting on it. It’s quite interesting that a church like this is in the middle of nowhere. This feels like a church that would be in a city like the one in Ulm or Munich, but it’s just as impressive nonetheless. I then went around back and walked along the trails and got some cool shots of the Alps.

Wieskirche Exterior
Wieskirche Interior

I really wish I could’ve stayed longer and explored more of the countryside. In the future I would seriously consider coming back and just doing a bike tour or a backpacking trip through the Alps and the German countryside. The scenery here is very different from the US. There’s a lot more wide green fields and not as much farmland. Also, it’s cool to have the Alps so close. The Appalachians near us are nowhere near as imposing and it always looks cool to have in the background.

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