Day 12 (May 18): Last Group, Last Mensa, Last Dinner

At last, it’s the second Wednesday of Plus3 Germany, which means it’s final presentation day. After working on our projects for the past few days—analyzing, researching, and putting together our slides, today was where we could finally show our peers and the professors everything we’ve learned from the company visits and our research. Since today’s schedule was light and there was no mandatory meet time with the whole Plus3 group, my Hoerbiger team decided to meet at the university at 9 to run through the presentation and add last-minute touches. Zach, Sophia, and I made it to the university slightly late after some confusion about which tram platform to be on. We then met up with Niko, Maxi, and Elisabeth to run through the presentation about 4 times in an empty classroom. At this point, we were all feeling pretty confident about it.

At noon, everyone met up at the Mensa (the university’s canteen) for lunch. I was definitely very excited because lunch at the Mensa last week was incredible and far more superior than the Eatery that we Pitt students were used to. After being there before, I seemed much less like a lost new student than last week when I was looking and wandering around to find food, utensils, and a place to sit. Today, they had Belgian waffles with a yogurt sauce, and I also picked up an Asian stir-fry and raspberry yogurt. As expected, everything was delicious! The waffles were especially amazing.

Last lunch at Mensa: 10/10!!

After lunch, our group decided to go to the classroom we’d present in early and practice a few more times. Like other groups, we definitely wanted to present first to get it over with, but we didn’t know how they’d choose groups. So, Niko had the idea of setting up our computers and slides beforehand so we could argue that Hoerbiger should present first since we are already set up. However, when the professors and everyone else arrived, they refused and instead used a random number generator to pick the presentation order. We were bummed but hoped that we had a chance of being one of the early presenters. To our misfortune, we ended up being chosen dead last. We soon realized that it was definitely our karma for having such a brilliant idea in the beginning.

Going last meant we needed to wait at least 3 hours before we could present. Although all the groups’ presentations were interesting, it can still be tiring to sit in one seat for that amount of time. In one of the breaks, I got myself a RedBull to be energized for our presentation. Hoerbiger was last but not least. Everyone did a great job in their parts, and we had excellent questions that our group answered with ease. I’m very proud of everyone in the group for preparing a long presentation like this in such a short amount of time.

In the evening, we gathered at Ratskeller for a final goodbye dinner with all the German and American students. This dinner was more heartfelt than the first one, as we have all gotten to know each other well over the past two weeks. At the first dinner, I ordered a schnitzel, so I thought, what better way to end it than to order a schnitzel again. This time, it came with fries and a cranberry sauce instead of a potato salad, but it was still delicious! After dinner, we took pictures and said our final goodbyes to the Germans. I am we all became close with them, especially Niko and Maxi, as they helped make our experience in Germany feel much more authentic. I am looking forward to next semester when they come to Pittsburgh, so we can show them the same hospitality and warmth they showed us!

Schnitzel: 9/10!!
All the guys holding Maxi (you can’t see the professors looking at us with disappointment)

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