My Favorite Hobby…Shopping! – Day 7

Welcome to Munich! We took the train for the first time to Munich and it was surprisingly easy. The first thing on the list for me today was to buy a pair of sunglasses, I forgot mine at home and the weather has been beautiful all of this week. Soph and I ended up actually getting a pretty snazzy pair if I do say so myself. The inside was very colorful and had the checkered Bavarian flag inside. After finally saving our eyes, the first attraction we saw in Munich was the clock show. At the top of the hour, the figures at the top of the clock put on a little show, including a fight between two men on horses and dancing ladies. It was quite amazing how the busy city immediately got quiet just for the show. It seems like it’s one of those things that never gets old among the German people. After the show, we met up with Natasha, our tour guide for the day. She showed us St. Michaels church, a hotel that Michael Jackson stayed at when he would come to Germany, and a number of beautiful courtyards. This hotel was actually where the famous picture was taken of him holding his child outside of the window. The architecture is so different from the US but in a nice way. The US is so much more industrial but Munich had more of a comforting, community type of feel. We ended the tour with a bunch of street booths where vendors were selling a number of different foods from sandwiches to fresh baked goods to fresh fruit. There are very few places like that in the US, at least where I live so it was a nice change of scenery. 

The clock tower in the city

After reuniting with Dr. Feick, it was finally time for us to explore the city on our own. First on the list was finding somewhere for lunch, which was a non-negotiable at this point. We walked around for a few minutes but decided on a Mexican place (Mexican in Germany,  I know). I’m not sure if it was good or if we were just so hungry that any that was considered food would’ve been sufficient. We then moved on to the second most important task, shopping of course. We ended up splitting our a large group of girls as we determined it would be a more efficient use of our limited time in the city. We went to the Hard Rock Cafe, a few tourist shops (10 euro t-shirts!) and then went to German H&M. Let’s just say, I think there’s a reason why they dress so much better than us. It was quite packed so we didn’t buy anything unfortunately but we did have some time to get some euros to spend on more gifts. I got a few magnets as requested by my mom and a few bracelets. I also have a problem when it comes to buying clothing, so I got my very necessary hoodie from a very nice lady. Before we knew it, it was time to head over to dinner. 

Dinner tonight was at this burger place, and it was so good. I’m glad I took a break from Spezi because they had the absolute best gourmet lemonades. We met back up with the group of girls and talked about what we had bought during the day. It was a really great bonding moment as there were many laughs let out. A few of us went on a hot girl walk after dinner before meeting up with Steph and Korbinian to catch the train back into Augsburg. 

Nonetheless, I was very satisfied with my day of sightseeing and shopping, especially shopping. Munich has been my favorite day so far and I cannot wait to hopefully go back sometime. 

Until tomorrow, 

A very happy, broke Sydney 

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