City Tour or Cardio? – Day 9

Week two in Germany! The time is flying by, it’s so crazy. It feels like we were just on the flight to Germany. Today we headed back to the train station, which was a convenient walk about 10-15 minutes from the hotel, depending on how fast you walk. ( A solid 8 minutes for me if I really put it on lol) We went to a different city today, named Ulm. We visited the main church in the center of the city called Ulmer Münster. It’s actually the tallest church in the world, so I was quite interested in what this record-breaker had in store for us. The tour guide was very descriptive and had a deep understanding of all of the aspects of the church and the stories behind them. She was understanding that we didn’t know too much about European and German history because we don’t learn about it like the German students do. One of my personal favorite aspects of the church was the golden medallions hung up all over the church. These medallions represented the death of the kings and nobility. 

The medallions

After we finished most of the tour, we stopped to walk up the church, about 400 steps. Now I won’t lie, I was struggling a little bit. These were all spiral steps with a few flat parts in between. I made my own designated rest spots throughout the journey and decided I would just meet the group in due time when I got there. But once we got up as far as we could, the view was beautiful. You could see the entire city and the mountains in the background. Walking down was a lot easier on the legs but it started to look kind of trippy after going in circles and circles. After the climb, we met up and continued the tour. We stopped by this place called the crooked hotel which was basically hanging off to the side of a river. The tour guide told us that the legs of the furniture are actually all different sizing to make up for the crooked foundation which is kind of cool, I would’ve loved to be able to go inside. 

The view from the “top”
The crooked hotel

Our tour ended at L’ Osteria, an Italian place. This was probably my 4th time having Italian on this trip but I’m not complaining at all. I got the best bbq chicken that was absolutely huge. I wish I got a picture but I think I was too hungry that I completely forgot. I again got my typical Spezi, which tastes even better after the long walk up the tower.  After a really quick dinner, we sped-walked to catch our train, making it with a few minutes to spare. 

After a quick train ride back, I started to work on my Faurecia project with my group. Today was a short day but it was nice because I was able to give adequate time to my research for our final presentation on Wednesday. I pretty much spent the rest of the day coordinating our final presentation along with a nice break at a Mexican restaurant for dinner with the group. Soph, Sherya, and I had actually been to this place the day before, but it was so good that we had no problem returning again. With a lot of work left to do, I’m signing off a bit early today, but I’ll check back in tomorrow after we visit the famous King Ludwig’s castle. 

Until tomorrow,

A studious Sydney 

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