Tag 12: From one country to the next!

For our final day in Germany, and our first completely free day, the group made a decision to stick together, and we took a train to Salzburg, Austria. Arriving at the train station, a couple of us were especially worried about our train being late, and to no surprise, our train was delayed a whole hour. This was especially a problem because we had a connecting train in Munich, scheduled only 40 minutes later. Vipin and I made the quick decision to run back to the help center, where we luckily found a lady that spoke English and was helpful in telling us to get on another train scheduled for Munich. We then ran back to the train station, shouted at the rest of the group to follow us, and ran to the train, barely making it on time.

Upon our arrival at the Salzburg station, we were met with a huge historic and antique city, surrounded by vast mountains in each direction. After admiring the beauty of the thousand-year-old city, we stopped walking and sat down in the Biergarten of an authentic Austrian restaurant. After taking my seat with Peter and Oday and eating our authentic Bavarian meal of the trip, we reminisced together and joked about our time on the trip, and then made our final plans for the day. When I had finished my Austrian-Beef Burger, we tipped the server a little extra for our trouble (putting our food on 17 separate checks, if you can imagine), and set off for the palace grounds.

Palace Garden

The palace had a very gorgeous and extensive garden, which you could tell was a very popular place for the natives and tourists like us. We walked around and took lots of pictures with statues, and had a very cool snapshot of the Salzburg Fortress in the background.

Jason and I in front of Fortress

We got a little gelato after being outside in the 90-degree weather all day and replenished our thirst before making the next walk to the Fortress. The bridge was unlike any other in the world, but if you ask me, Pittsburgh has cooler bridges :D.

Me on the Bridge

The night before our trip, we purchased tickets for the Bergbahn (gondola) to take us up the mountain and into the heart of the Fortress. As we reached the top, there were views that spanned miles and miles, you could see the peak of every mountain in the surroundings. It was interesting to learn about the history of the city, and how the fortress had started construction over a thousand years ago.

Bergbahn Trip

After our time at the fortress, it was getting late, and we needed to walk back to the train station. I was sad that we hadn’t been able to stay the night, but I had been really missing chipotle in America, so it was a bittersweet day for me. After a little confusion at the train station in Munich, and getting our passports checked by the Austrian Polizei, we had made our final stop of the trip back at hotel Ibis.

View from the top of the Fortress

There we go, the whole trip flew by within a blink of an eye. One last blog post to go!

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