Are we there yet? – Day 10

Phoebe Katz, May 17

Today, we had a series of cultural visits. We started with a long bus ride to Neuschwanstein castle. The location of the castle was beautiful. There was a beautiful landscape of mountains and a lake. After appreciating the scenery for a while, we climbed up the mountain to the entrance of the castle. It was very well positioned if you are worried about attackers but I imagine that it was very difficult to build. Maybe that’s why it was never finished. There are a lot of stairs in the castle and most of the decor was not to my taste but it was very cool. My favorite was the cave room. Most of the painting were very aggressive and there was not enough natural light. Also, I am confused as to why we were not allowed to take pictures. The tour was pretty quick and then I got delicious ice cream, a swan pencil sharpener and a lighter with the Bavarian lions on it. I really enjoyed the leisurely walk down the hill because there were a lot of dogs, many of which were too small to successfully walk up and down the hill. 

We went to a little town close to the castle to get lunch. It was very pretty; we passed a super cool, very modern-looking fountain on the way there. It was a series of big rocks that had little rocks spinning on top. And there was water coming out of them. Lunch was yummy. I had fried dumplings and sweet and sour chicken at an “Asian” restaurant. That was my first time trying German Asian food and it was overall positive. Then we had some extra time to shop before we moved on. I found this super cool pants and jacket set at a skate-vibes shop but it was way out of my price range. I am still very sad about it. I did get rainbow unicorn boxer briefs, though. (Update from the future: I actually lost these already. Oops.)Then I did a little more window shopping and then we moved on to the Rococo church. 

Then church was in this big field of flowers. It was very strange to see such a fancy building in the middle of nowhere. The inside was beautiful. The painting style had lots of pastel colors, compared to the castle and the walls were white with gold accents which looked very clean. We didn’t spend a lot of time there, though. I had just enough time to make a flower crown (I did a pretty bad job actually) and then got back on the bus. I had a little nap then woke up in Augsburg. I have a little bit of work to do on my presentation and then I think we are going bowling tonight. 

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