Where should we eat? – Day 7

Phoebe Katz, May 14

We finished the industry trips yesterday, so our day today was a cultural visit to Munich. We took the train in and walked a short distance from the Hauptbanhof to a large plaza where we met our tour guide. The walk was interesting because it was through an area without cars or bikes. The ease of being a pedestrian, at least inn that particular area, was apparent. The tour was fine and the guide was good but I don’t particularly like tours. I don’t enjoy being led around or being forced to stand still and listen to history. This could possible be related to my authority issues but regardless, I was annoyed. Also, it was very crowded and it was difficult to walk with the whole group. Along the tour, we saw a few churches, a bunch of old and fancy buildings, and a hideous dog in a Juicy Couture outfit. We also saw several pretty courtyards and buildings and gardens. We ended the tour in an area with a lot of food options but before we could break for lunch, we had to find Dr. Feick. During the tour, he separated from the group to take a phone call so we were not with him the whole time. We were all very scared for him but luckily he was in the center square that we started at. 

It was very difficult to make a decision about food with twenty people inputting thoughts and needs. It became very stressful, but we split up and my group finally settled on Sausalitos. It was pretty good but a little expensive. After lunch, we still had several hours of free time so we did a little shopping, got some boba and stopped at an ATM for cash. It was quite hot so after all this, I decided to sit down in a park near our restaurant rather than continue walking around. I ended up taking a nap in the park and it was quite nice. We met up with the whole group again for dinner at a chain hamburger restaurant. I had a chicken patty (but grilled, not fried which was sad) with goat cheese and elderberries. The bathroom at the restaurant was insanely hard to find. I have noticed that almost all of the restaurant bathrooms in Germany arena the basement. After we finished eating, I went with a group on a silent hot girl walk around the block and back to the central train station. It was a very successful day of exploration.

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