Adventure 6: GROB & German Burgers

I honestly have to say that I will never get enough German bread. I will choose my lingonberry jam and my Brötchen everyday of the week! 

Finally, it was time for my company visit, Grob Werke! A company of great power and influence (as we learned today), makes automated manufacturing equipment for automobiles companies such as Tesla and BMW. Actually, what I realized when we were going on the factory tour was that the orange automated hands that we saw in the BMW plant were produced by none other than GROB. Another fun fact is that, GROB make GROB, which our tour guide, Mr.Zimmerman explained to us is that 80% of their parts are made in house and when we were going on our tour, he would point out the stations that there were making their parts for one of the machines, say right across. It was absolutely amazing to see how self – sufficient they are and how they can maximize all parts of their production line! Mr.Zimmerman even talked about how Tesla is one of their customers and how Elon Musk visited the site once as well. It was quite funny, as he followed that story up with him saying because the demands of the job lead him to become an engineering head in China and was stationed there for 10 years. But what I learned from that story was that Grob Werke is truly an international company and has so many offices and production facilities to work at. Another interesting part of their production facilities was that they made, pressed and cut their own steel, which really showed the degree of which they are a self – sufficient company in ALL aspects!  After the factory tour, we headed to lunch. 

They provided us with a boxed lunch and I had lemongrass fish with a side of mixed steam fruit with a Spezzi of course, my new obsession! Lunch was followed by more presentations about Grob, such as the technical components of their machines and the certain production practices. Though it was really interesting, I did not retain much because of my business nature, but regardless it was fascinating to listen to, especially since Mr.Zimmerman was talking about it with such passion. Afterwards, my group asked further questions about the company structure for our presentation and so on, which concluded the company visit. 

For dinner, we had burgers, customizable burgers! Everything was absolutely delicious, but what I was completely surprised by was that we had to pay 1 euro for ketchup and not even a large bowl of ketchup and quarter sized bowl for ketchup. Which then got me thinking that Germany has such a high quality of life because people have to pay for stuff such as water and condiments, just a thought but I was shocked. Another thing that was surprising and comforting, was the amount of vegetarian and vegan options there were for the patty because it the US Americans love their meat and when every we would go out there would only be 1 option or any for a veggie burger, so that was every nice. Anyways, being done with all company visits was a relief and exploring “german burgers” was the perfect reward for today!

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