Adventure 7: Munich

A day in the city! Today was our first full day to explore the city, the great city of Munich! We hopped on a tram which took us to the train station that would take us to Munich. Since the city is so close, we got there in about an hour and the ride there was so scenic and it was interesting to see how the country is split between the countryside and cities.

We arrived near Marienplatz and headed straight into the city to meet our tour guide. Along the way, we arrived at the perfect time to see the ​​Rathaus-Glockenspiel (Rathaus clock tower) which has this beautiful clock that has 3 layers of characters that rotate and tell different stories. For example, one of the stories was a joust, where the 2 fighters wend head to head and battled where one of the fighters actually fell off the horse and thus lost. It was fascinating because there were so many fellow tourists waiting for the same moment and everyone was watching and cheering together, there was a sense of mutual fascination that I thought was so wholesome. After this, we found our tour guide and we headed around the city and went on a walking tour through the biggest and smallest of streets. 

Munich [main center]

Lunch fast approached and after all of that walking, we really needed to eat. I had a burger for lunch and loaded up on the carbs, because I knew that we had more walking to do and I needed the energy. For shopping today, we went to some souvenir shops and I got a magnet because my family and I collect them so whenever one of us travels we make sure to get one and have it on our wall of magnets. There was this one shop that I don’t remember the name of, however the shop was a bougier version of bed, bath and beyond. There was a row of shiny coffee and espresso machines and at that moment I just wished I had enough money and space in my suitcase to bring it back to the states. However, when I am older and have my own apartment, I definitely know where to shop for sure! We had to meet up at ___ for dinner at Häns in Gluick, so we headed there and one the way we came across a park and so we rested there for a bit and then headed over. I will forever be jealous of the open spaces in the city and hope that one day that Pittsburgh opens up more. 

For dinner, I had a salad and I have to say the falafel in the salad was so tasty and the dressing paired so well with the lettuce and vegetables. We had to eat a little fast because we had to get on our train back to Augsburg, but nonetheless dinner was amazing and so was the day! 

Häns im Gluck Salad

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