We’ve Reached the End!

Sadly, we have reached the last day and the conclusion of our Cyprus 2 Plus 3 journey. Today, we had a long beach day in Larnaca! After arriving, my friends and I got frappes and lunch at a local restaurant. I am still surprised at the unique consistency of this Cypriot cold coffee, but it has been growing on me throughout the trip. I will definitely be missing it once back in the US. Afterwards, we went to the beach to tan and enjoy our last moments in the beautiful blue waters of the Mediterranean. Right before we left, we were graciously offered ice cream from Frank and Dr. Bursic. I got dark chocolate and rose, which the ice cream server said to be the best flavor combination. I will miss my new favorite flavor, rose, and being able to find this ice cream flavor anywhere.

After returning to Nicosia, myself and a few friends decided to travel over to the Turkish side of Nicosia. Here, the buildings had a different lock to them, and these were also some unique hints of medieval architecture. A lot of the shapes and designs seemed to be more square, rather than the rounded arches and circles found in the Greek areas. We also purchased a few Turkish sweets at a bakery, which I am excited to share with my family after returning home tomorrow. I have loved every part of this trip, and I know that I will remember these experiences for the rest of my life.

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