Life Monteverde

At Life Monteverde, we learned a lot about being a sustainable farmer in Costa Rica. They grow plenty of different things that allow them to be self-sustainable and not need to purchase many things from other people. They also depend a lot on their crops for their economic stability so the weather and their yield play a huge role in their lifestyle. When it comes to joy, they can definitely find joy in sharing their lifestyle through tourism. Tourism also plays an economic role considering it generates revenue for the farmers along with their crops. They do face the struggle of tourism not being a guaranteed source of income because things like the pandemic can cause the flow of tourism to stop. That being said, modering life and community definitely helps these farmers because it introduces tourism at a higher scale to their farms which allows them to have this second source of income.

If I were a Tico farmer, I would not want to stay on the farm in the future. While I do understand the importance of these farmers, my vision on it is much more large scale. I believe that through modernization and vertical integration, farms can have more productive futures. I understand that there is a cultural aspect to these farms, but I think that with time things evolve. The yield for these crops could be much higher at a more efficient rate if a large-scale company were to take over and implement new technologies. So to go back to my original point, I would not want to continue working on the farm. I would want to explore more modernized jobs that pay better with a lot less manual labor. I have a more business orientated mindset which is why I would not work on the farm.

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