5/14: Don’t get emotionally attached to the bears

Today we visited Český Krumlov, which was my favorite place of the trip so far. It was a 2.5 hour bus ride each way, but was worth every minute. The town built into the natural landscape with the hills and the river was absolutely amazing. Once we got there, we walked around and saw the square and some of the architecture, including some cool graffitos from the renaissance era. We then went to the castle, and they had brown bears in the moat outside of it, which was so so cool to see. However, once we walked into the castle for our tour and saw the bear skin rugs on the ground as decorations, I realized their ultimate demise. Despite this, the inside of the castle was absolutely phenomenal. We went and got lunch as it rained, and it turned out to be my favorite Czech meal of the trip so far. I am a very big fan of the potato dumplings. Afterwards, I walked around in the rain for a little bit and ended up getting a coffee before we made our return to Prague.

I’m not sure if this is considered a custom, but I really like the accessibility of public transportation in this area. I am a big fan of public transport, and I take the trains in Philly and the buses in Pittsburgh very frequently. However, those are not always very convenient with schedules and where they can go to. I have found so far that the public transportation in this city is phenomenal. The trams and trains come very frequently, and I have not had a problem with accessing the transportation in this city, which I love (especially since it is more environmentally friendly to take public transport). I also find it really cool how you can get something sweet for a meal, because I always love something sweet!

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